Episode #38: James Loewen Writes About the Lies Our Schools Print

James Loewen Interview

Have you ever felt like you are being lied to?

You are. You were. You will be. Sorry if this sounds like a verb conjugation lesson, it’s really an interview with Professor James Loewen, author of the book, Lies My Teacher Told Me¬†among many more.

My good friend Bradford Manderfield gave me Loewen’s book before moving to Europe, and when I started reading it I was blown away by the prevalent censorship it points out within the pages of American high school and college textbooks. I ended up reading passages of the book aloud to my father and his friends on a sailing trip. Personally, I think the book should be required reading for high school freshmen.

By pointing out all of the ‘lies’ Prof. Loewen makes history riveting. But Loewen argues that when history is told right it’s always riveting. When the truth is told, no holds barred, replete with all the drama and gory details, the result is true education about our past and an unfiltered view of mankind. Our school system censors history, carefully picking which stories of our forefathers will be told so they can be painted in an almost godly light that none of us can hope to attain. The result is not only a disconnection from our past and our country but a strange agenda and a silent, constant undertone of forced racism.

In the interview we start heavy and end heavy. All the deep talk of racism and lies is punctuated with an impromput visit from Loewen’s dog Slater. The awesome animal is being trained to be a guide dog for the blind if I heard Loewen correctly.

I have to put my stamp of approval on this book, it could change your life, and it will enlighten you.

To learn more about your own country that you didn’t know check out: Lies My Teacher Told Me.¬†Enjoy the show.


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Conway Eastwood says:

It’s always interesting to hear Loewen speak. Never a dull moment when he’s around, bravo.

Coleen says:

Katherine Hepburn was the actress.

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