Episode #55 Ryan Leone and Wasting Talent


As you may have noticed, we’ve taken a turn for the sporadic here at Author Feast. Production value has increased, and with it time between posts. I’ve been busy getting married and working on another project. I’ll let you all know when it’s exciting enough to share.  But we’re not here for idle chit-chat, we’re here to […]

Episode #54: Ted Stern Gives an Argument for Determinism

Ted Stern

Determinism is the philosophy that the thought of free will is a ruse and every action we take is a product of causation—in nature (the way we were born) or nurture (the way we were raised). The theory is easy enough to see in simple examples. For instance: Madmen’s Don Draper can explain why a woman will […]

Episode #53: Pip and Tee on Steampunk

Pip and Tee

Dear Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris, Please forgive my absurd delay in posting this riveting episode of Author Feast. I love how you told us about how the two of you became co-authors, (and started dating) and started podcasting your novels and how you got your first publishing deal. I know this is too late […]

Episode #52 Loren Kleinman on Finishing Your Book

Loren Kleinman

Loren Kleinman spent seven years writing a manuscript for her book of poetry before she was comfortable enough to show it to her friend—a well-respected poet. Her friend said she needed to start over, from scratch, re-write everything. This may dissuade most authors. But for many that I’ve spoken with, this kind of ultimate revision […]

Episode #51: Terrence King; Turning a Screenplay into a Book

Terrence King, Author of Silent Partner

Terrence King and I had such a great time doing this interview. Right after it I had a huge life-changing move to the west coast, where he happens to live as well, and it took forever for the interview to see the light of day. It’s definitely worth it. King is the author of a […]

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