Episode #51: Terrence King; Turning a Screenplay into a Book

Terrence King, Author of Silent Partner

Terrence King and I had such a great time doing this interview. Right after it I had a huge life-changing move to the west coast, where he happens to live as well, and it took forever for the interview to see the light of day. It’s definitely worth it. King is the author of a […]

Episode #50: AF’s Long-Awaited Return and William Forstchen!

William Forstchen

Hello world. We’re back. Finally. And with the 50th Author Feast Interview. I just moved to California—the L.A. area—from NYC and it’s been madness for awhile. So please forgive the absurd hiatus. If you’re an author and we’ve already done an interview and you’re waiting to see it live, don’t worry, it will be here […]

A Note From Shanghai

Great Wall

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn’t have an episode this week. I’ve been traveling in Beijing and Shanghai and even though we had an interview lined up in Beijing, my schedule kept me from keeping it. The spotty internet here has made me cancel two gotomeeting interviews as well. So I’m brining you some sightseeing pictures to […]

Episode #49: Terry Ambrose on Skiptracing and Authoring Cons

Terry Ambrose

Terry Ambrose worked for fifteen years after school until he nearly had a mental breakdown. “I wanted to kill people,” he says. “So I did. In my writing.” Writing had a particularly cathartic effect on Ambrose. He says that the act of writing became a kind of blowoff valve for the mounting pressures in his […]

Episode #48 Daniel Hunter Tells Us How to Grassroots Campaign

Daniel Hunter

Daniel Hunter was moved to fight a giants. And then he wrote a book about it. He and his friend, Jethro Heiko were determined to stop some Casinos from setting up shop in Philadelphia. With a shoestring budget and a lot of creativity Hunter eventually got the issue on the ballot and helped halt at least […]

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